In 2015 the garden at Lodge Cottage was rather sad, in fact much of it was car parking. Since then, hours have been spent thinking and dreaming, days have been spent planting and nurturing, weeks have been spent digging, building, mulching, composting and sieving. Slowly, slowly the garden has taken shape. Each year its slightly different. More or less rain falls. More or less sun shines. More or less snow falls. Plants that grew well last year, vanish. The birds and breeze provide new plants. All of this create the soft changing tapestry in which Little Lodge and Garden Lodge nestle. The garden is far from complete and far from perfect- nevertheless it freely provides beauty, a home for birds and insects and food for the soul.

It is Rick who does much of the hard work in the garden and he has built many of the structural elements of the garden- including beautiful obelisks hand crafted here in Staveley.

These obelisks are bespoke and can be ordered from Rick, please check out our Instagram page #staveleyobelisks for more information.

lodge cottages February Tete a Tete
The garden lodge and garden
garden at lodge cottage
the garden August Achillea
Figs in bowl
the garden August Achillea
June Passion Flower
May Aliums
dog in garden
Frosty Squashes